Trump suggests US "could use a little bit of that good old global warming"

The US president's suggestion came as temperatures plummeted in parts of the country

Trump suggests US "could use a little bit of that good old global warming"

Picture by: Carolyn Kaster/AP/Press Association Images

Donald Trump has tweeted to suggest that the US could "use a little bit of that good old global warming".

It came amid forecasts that parts of the US could experience the coldest New Year's Eve since the 1960s, with freezing temperatures being recorded in areas such as New York and Boston.

Trump - who has previously claimed that global warming "was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive" - took to Twitter to offer his view on the cold weather:

His latest comment includes a swipe at the Paris Climate Agreement - the major international agreement that President Trump earlier this year announced his intention to withdraw from.

2017 also saw the appointment of a climate change sceptic to lead the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

NASA describes global warming as the "upward temperature trend across the entire Earth" since the early 20th century, largely a result of the increase in fossil fuel emissions.

The UN has already warned that 2017 is going to be among the three warmest years on record.

However, global warming does not mean that cold weather is completely eradicated.

The UK's Royal Society explains: "Global warming is a long-term trend, but that does not mean that every year will be warmer than the previous one.

"Day to day and year to year changes in weather patterns will continue to produce some unusually cold days and nights, and winters and summers, even as the climate warms."