Trump leads Clinton in latest poll

The result is within the margin of error

Trump leads Clinton in latest poll

Picture by Carlos Osorio AP/Press Association Images

Republican candidate Donald Trump has taken a slender lead in the polls over democratic rival Hillary Clinton as decision day approaches in the US election.

The latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll has Trump sitting on 46% with Clinton on 45%. Elsewhere Gary Johnson sits on 3% with Jill Stein on 2%. The results are within the margin of error between the two main candidates.

To give the poll some perspective, Mitt Romney led Barack Obama by the same percentage at the same stage in 2012 but failed to oust the incumbent. 

John Kerry also led George Bush by the same metrics in 2004 but he too failed in his bid for the White House. 

Although the current polls show Trump ahead in the popular vote, he is struggling in pivotal swing states like North Carolina and New Hampshire. 

There are also elections taking place in the US Congress and Senate as the two main parties battle for control. The Republicans have a healthy lead in Congress and have held power there since 2010. In 2014 they ended up with the biggest house majority of any party since Franklin D. Roosevelt was president in the 1930s. 

There is better news for the Democrats in the Senate with several republican held seats up for grabs in states which Obama won four year ago.