Trump considers former-WWE boss Linda McMahon as a potential Secretary of Commerce

The US President-elect is no stranger to the wrestling world...

The man perceived by many as the United State's number one 'heel,' President-elect Donald Trump is actively considering appointing former-World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) CEO Linda McMahon as his Secretary for Commerce.

Ms McMahon has ran twice for the US Senate in Connecticut as a Republican candidate.

She originally supported New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during the Republican primary race.

The entertainment executive is a long-time friend of Donald Trump and her family has donated $5m to a Trump charity foundation.

NBC News Connecticut reports that sources close to both Trump's transition team and Mrs McMahon have confirmed that she is being considered for the role.

Mrs McMahon attended the Republican National Convention in July and was declared a republican Party 'Mega-donor' following her contributions to campaigns around the country.

The former-wrestling chief has taken issue with some of Mr Trump's comments about women, "He’s not helping, certainly, to put women in the best light. Maybe he regrets (his comments about women), maybe he doesn’t. I realise he punches hard when he punches back, but that’s just over the top," she told Yahoo.

During her time with the WWE she was a reoccurring character in story-lines. President-elect Donald Trump also famously appeared in the then-WWF.

She is currently the CEO of Women's Leadership Live - a mentor programme for female business leaders and entrepreneurs.