Here's what six months in space looks like

British astronaut Tim Peake is preparing to return from the International Space Station after 186 days in orbit

Here's what six months in space looks like

ESA astronaut Tim Peake took this image from the International Space Station during his six-month Principia mission | Via: ESA/NASA

In December last year Time Peake became the first British astronaut in over two decades to board the International Space Station (ISS), after completing six years of rigorous training.

Now, 186 days after he left Earth, Peake is preparing to return to earth along with NASA astronaut Tim Kopra and Soyuz spacecraft commander Yuri Malenchenko.

Here are just some of the things Major Peake got up to in his six months in space:

"Prank-called" Earth

In December, shortly after Tim arrived at the ISS, he incorrectly dialled the phone number of a 79-year-old woman and asked: "Hello, is this planet Earth?" 

Watched England play in the 6 Nations

Seems like a pretty normal thing to do? Well, not if you factor in the logistics of being 400km above the earth. 

But in February, the BBC helped Tim Peake to join millions of rugby fans across the world to watch England play Scotland.

Peak recorded a message for the teams before the match, saying: "as a new day dawns, good luck to all the teams and make this 6 Nations out of this world".

Conducted hundreds of science experiments

During his time on board the ISS Tim Peake participated in over 250 experiments designed by various scientists around the world.

The mission was named Principia, and studies included tests on Peake's own body.

Ran the London Marathon

Many of us would struggle to run a marathon on a good day, but in April the British astronaut claimed a New Guinness World Record title for the fastest marathon in space.

He completed the London Marathon course while strapped to a treadmill, at the same time as the competitors in the English capital.

Peake finished it in three hours, 25 minutes and 21 seconds. 

Completed a space walk

In December Peake made history when he became the first British astronaut to complete a spacewalk.

He stepped outside the ISS to replace a fault electrical component and install cabling with his American colleague Commander Kopra.

Peake has since said the walk was the highlight of his six-month mission.

Presented Adele with a Brit Award

Tim Peake reduced the singer Adele to tears after making a surprise appearance at the Brit Awards to present her with a Global Success award.

Took amazing photos

Tim Peake has circled the planet nearly 2,800 times during his six months on the International Space Station.

As a result he has managed to take some amazing photographs.

To celebrate his return to earth this weekend, mapping software specialists Esri UK have produced a map compiling the best of his photographs from space.

You can watch Tim's return to earth on the ESA website. Broadcast begins at 3am Irish time.