Three increase data roaming offering to customers

The network has increased it to 5GB for those paying €20 a month

The various mobile networks are still working out the finer details of their roaming offering for customers ahead of the new rules, which come into effect on June 15th. 

Three has announced it will increase the amount of data allocated to customers on their €20 a month pay as you go offering. The firm had initially said this would be capped at 2GB. This has now been increased to 5GB. 

These customers will still have access to "All You Can Eat" data whilst in the Republic of Ireland. 

As it stands, no operator offering a €20 per month contract has to offer more than 5.2GB of data to customers travelling within the EU. 

Going over this will incur a charge. 

"Beyond this threshold, you can continue data roaming, subject to a small charge (maximum €7.70/GB + VAT; this will decline gradually to reach €2.50/GB as of 2022)", explains the Commission.