Three constituencies each set to gain an extra TD

Laois and Offaly will merge into a single constituency, losing a TD in the process

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Three constituencies are to be given an extra TD under a new review of the Dáil boundaries published tonight.

Dublin Central, Kildare South, and Cavan-Monaghan will all gain a representative, according to the review from the Constituency Commission.

The only areas to lose a member are Laois and Offaly, which will be merged to form a single constituency, going from six TDs to five.

A small number of other constituencies will see minor changes to their boundaries, but will not have any change in the number of TDs (which would increase to 160 under the proposed changes).

No changes are recommended for the three European Parliament constituencies.

In their report, the commission says: "We consider that the recommended arrangement of constituencies comes closest to achieving the optimum level of parity of representation in circumstances where the total population of the State, at 4,761,865, is very close to the constitutional limitation of 30,000 population per member of the Dáil when the maximum number of members that can be recommended by the Commission is 160."