This Japanese man aims to drink a pint in every Dublin pub

Yuya Abe has been working at his remarkable pub crawl for four months, and is showing no signs of slowing

This Japanese man aims to drink a pint in every Dublin pub

Yuya Abe in Slatterys in Beggar's Bush

A Japanese man is attempting to complete the remarkable - and presumably never-before achieved - feat of drinking a pint of Guinness in every single pub in Dublin.

Slatterys Pub in Beggar’s Bush alerted the world to the strange quest when they posted a picture of Yuya Abe to their Facebook page yesterday, saying “he always orders a pint of Guinness” as he uses Mac Moloney’s Pub Spotters book – a book listing each Dublin pub – as his guide.

By Wednesday he had got through 226 in the first four months of his city spanning pub crawl, reports.

Publin estimates there are some 751 pubs in Dublin, including the suburbs - meaning Yuya Abe is roughly one third of the way through his quest.

Sometimes it takes a young man from far away lands to remind us of who we are. We are Irish, we love pubs and we adore Guinnes,” the Slattery's post said.

Smyths of Haddington Road also had a visit, and posted on their Facebook page:

“Today we had a young Japanese tourist in, who's aim it is, is to visit every single Pub in Dublin in a year. Each pub he visits, he orders a Pint of Guinness & the barman has to sign his Dublin Pubspotters Guide Book.

"We were privileged enough to be his 226th. What a pub crawl!! Wishing Yuya Abe the very best of luck on the rest of his trip!”

Smyths of Haddington Road