These hens need your help

A campaign to save 7,000 battery hens from slaughter is underway

These hens need your help

Image: Joe Giddens/PA Wire/PA Images

Little Hill Animal Rescue are looking for people to adopt a hen before May 22nd, when a factory will slaughter nearly 7,000 battery hens.

Actress Pauline McGlynn and founder of Little Hill Susan Anderson spoke to The Pat Kenny Show about the birds' plights.

"All commercial hens go into battery cages or organic or free-range at about 16 weeks year old," Anderson explained. "Then they'll keep them for approximately a year and then they'll cull them yearly."

Layer hens reach peak laying between 18 and 20 weeks ago - after that, the rate at which they produce eggs declines to a point where they are not commercially viable.

In the event that they're not rescued, they are killed and used for other purposes.

Little Hill is calling on households to adopt a hen in order to protect them, as the animals make great pets due to their social nature.

"A lot of the chickens will be bald, because they will have used up all their energy laying eggs," McGlynn said. However, their feathers will grow back.

"Their greatest wish is to be on the sofa with you and with the family. Not only that, but they will give you eggs everyday."

Little Hill encourages people considering adopting a hen to fox-proof - and dog-proof - their home first.

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