Theresa May's immigration policy could see UK lose Deloitte jobs

The accountancy giant has suggested it would move abroad if the post-Brexit policy was too strict...

Theresa May's immigration policy could see UK lose Deloitte jobs

File photo of the Deloitte building in central Dublin |

One of the world's top accountancy firms has revealed that it could move some of its business out of the UK if the British government's immigration policy is too strict.

Deloitte has admitted that it would "reluctantly" have to look elsewhere if government rules restricted their ability to employ talent from inside and outside the EU.

Deloitte's warning comes after Prime Minister Theresa May pledged to crack down on levels of immigration following the Brexit vote. 

David Sproul, chief executive for Deloitte UK, said:

"If we weren't able to bring those people then we'd do one of two things: we'd adapt in terms of how we trained people locally and some of that would be possible, but more likely, some of the work that's currently done here wouldn't be done here."

"We have more than 100 nationalities working for us in the UK," he continued. "Having a diverse workforce is vital in terms of allowing us to grow and innovate."

Sky News submitted a freedom of information request to Britain's Home Office to ask how many foreign workers are employed in the UK.

The results show that between April 2012 and March 2015, almost 88,000 non-EU citizens were sponsored on a working visa.

The top sectors were healthcare and education, which each employ around 12,000 non-EU workers, and then financial services with 7,000.

The University of Oxford employed the most foreign workers, followed by the University of Cambridge. Financial services companies made up the rest of the top five.