Theresa May finally sets date to unveil Brexit plans

Comments so far indicate that a 'hard Brexit' could be on the cards...

Theresa May finally sets date to unveil Brexit plans

File photo of British Prime Minister Theresa May | Image: Matt Cardy PA Wire/PA Images

Britain has stalled on revealing details of its approach to negotiating with the EU once Article 50 has been triggered - but it is ready to show (at least part) of its hand.

A spokesperson for British PM Theresa May has confirmed that she will give her detailed account of the UK's future plans on Tuesday, January 17th.

"She will be making a speech on Tuesday, setting out more on our approach to Brexit, as part of preparing for the negotiations and in line with our approach for global Britain and continuing to be an outward-looking nation," her representative revealed.

Before Christmas Ms May promised to deliver a speech, "setting out more about our approach and about the opportunity I think we have as a country to use this process to forge a truly global Britain that embraces and trades with countries across the world," early in the new year.

So far, her public comments have suggested that the UK will lean towards a 'hard Brexit' which will prioritise control of the movement of people over economic goals, such as access to the EU's Single Market.

The pound dipped on Monday after the Prime Minister said in an interview with Sky News that Britain could not hang on to "bits of EU membership" as it leaves the Union.