Theresa May wins key vote in House of Commons amid ongoing Brexit turmoil

Leo Varadkar has said the political turmoil in Westminster "shouldn't give us cause for panic"

Theresa May wins key vote in House of Commons amid ongoing Brexit turmoil

British Prime Minister Theresa May listens as she meets young people in Birmingham | Image: Leon Neal/PA Wire/PA Images

Theresa May has again narrowly avoided a significant defeat in Westminster, amid the ongoing political turmoil over her Brexit plans.

A number of pro-European Conservative MPs had put forward an amendment for Britain to remain in a customs union if no trade agreement has been reached by next January 21st.

The amendment - considered a significant challenge to the government - was backed by Labour.

However, the amendment was ultimately defeated by the government with 307 votes to 301 - a margin of only six votes.

Journalists in the UK reported Conservative whips working frantically to sway rebel MPs in the lead-up to this evening's vote.

The government did lose a vote aimed at maintaining the movement of medicines between the UK and EU.

That vote marked only the second time the British government has been defeated over Brexit in the House of Commons.

Mrs May has been facing backlash and resignations within her own party over the proposals agreed by her cabinet at her Chequers retreat earlier this month.

Today's Westminster dramas comes only a day after the British government narrowly avoided a separate defeat in the House of Commons by backing a series of amendments by pro-Brexit MPs.

'Many more twists and turns ahead'

Meanwhile, the Taoiseach says we should not panic because of the ongoing turmoil in Westminster over Brexit.

There are growing concerns over the impact of political instability on the ongoing negotiations ahead of the October deadline for a deal between the EU and UK.

Leo Varadkar believes there are many more challenges to come.

He said: "I think it's evident to everyone that there is a lot of political instability in London, that there's turmoil in Westminister.

"I think we're going to see many more twists and turns over the weeks and months ahead. But that shouldn't give us cause for panic, and certainly shouldn't give us any reason to change our position."