New technology allows prospective buyers to walk around unbuilt properties

The house-buying process is set to change as virtual reality enters fray

New technology allows prospective buyers to walk around unbuilt properties

A still from the VR experience

Picture this - you are on the hunt for a new home, but it’s 100 days away from completion. By using VR you can see it, walk around it and even see the height of the ceilings. This isn’t some futuristic prediction, but in fact a summary of the activity undertaken by Samsung and Sherry Fitzgerald.

Irish estate agents Sherry Fitzgerald has unveiled Europe’s first virtual reality platform for viewing houses. Working alongside Samsung, the property firm has developed an experience which enables users to do a virtual walk through of a unbuilt property.

The prospective buyer puts on a Samsung Gear VR headset and is then able to conduct a viewing, progressing through the home, as if they are standing in a built property.

Ivan Gaine, Head of New Homes at Sherry Fitzgerald said “The freedom it gives our viewers to go on a virtual walk through an unbuilt property and appreciate the proportions of the rooms, see the views from the window and experience the expected finish of a show house all by simply putting on a headset, is very futuristic.”

The company have also developed 3D printed models of homes to help buyers visualise what a property will look like once the build is finished.

Sherry Fitzgerald have a limited number of properties available for the VR viewing experience but have said that the feedback from customers has been positive, for the most part.  Rokeby Park in Lucan is one of the developments available to view via VR.

While the technology is not yet available at every branch, it is hoped that it will be down the line. It’s thought that using VR will add a stepping stone into the house buying process, making it easier for buyers to get to know the property and make their decision.