"The blow must go on..." - Netflix announces two more seasons of 'Narcos'

With the show's big bad bowing out at the end of its sophomore season, the show is set to crown a new King of Cocaine

Narcos, Wagner Moura, Pablo Escobar

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in 'Narcos' [Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix]

Even if Pablo Escobar’s fate has long been sealed in Netflix’s epic war-on-drugs drama Narcos, the show will continue on after his departure. With Season Two released last Friday to much critical acclaim, the international streaming giant has just announced that Narcos will be coming back for at least two more seasons.

With the first two following the infamous Colombian Medellín cartel, led by the despotic drug lord Escobar, the first 10 episodes ran quickly through some 15 years of trafficking, establishing Escobar as a brazen antihero and showing the work of two DEA agents trying to capture him. The second season, playing out over about 15 months, leads up to the shooting that toppled the kingpin, addressing some of the conspiracy theories about who pulled the trigger.

But with Wagner Moura’s searing performance as Escobar being universally regarded as the best thing in the show, where can Narcos go now that its ‘King of Cocaine’ is no more? José Padilha and Eric Newman, the show’s executive producers, have long claimed that their show is not just about Escobar, focussing instead on the developing War on Drugs first announced by Richard Nixon in 1971. Season Three is expected to pick up where Two left off, with the expectation being that the Cali Cartel, which ran until 1998, introducing us to a new villain to get behind in the form of Hélmer ‘Pacho’ Herrera.

Take a look at the teaser trailer for the show below:

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