The best photos from this year's Irish Redhead Convention

Among the highlights of the 2016 festival were a redhead-only parade and ginger jig

The best photos from this year's Irish Redhead Convention

Michael O'Sullivan attends day two of the Irish Redhead Convention | Brian Lawless, PA Images

Hundreds of gingers descended on the village of Crosshaven in Cork this weekend for the Irish Redhead Convention.

The annual festival, which finishes tomorrow, has drawn an increasing number of visitors since it was launched seven years ago.

Andy O'Neill from Kilkenny and Emma Ní Chearúil from Galway were crowned the new "King and Queen of Gingerdom", with other awards including accolades for "the most freckles per square inch" and "the world’s greatest ginger beard".  

Among the festival highlights were a redhead-only parade and ginger jig, in which redheads joined together in traditional Irish céilí dance.

Less than 1% of people worldwide are thought to have red hair. Ireland has the second highest proportion of redheads at 10%, but up to 40% are believed to be carriers of the ginger gene.

Festival founder Joleen Cronin said the event attracts people from as far away as Australia, Europe and the US.

"We are delighted to welcome hundreds of redhead friends - old and new - from all over the world," she said.

"Redheads are very proud of their redhead identity. The festival is a fantastic coming together for gingers and wonderful celebration of everything to do with fabulous red hair."

Here are some of the best pictures from the past three days:

David Scherger has his freckles inspected during the judging process | PA Images

Cousins Aaron Cahill, 3, Jamie, 6, and Adam, 4, from Cork city, wait for the parade to pass | PA Images

The crowd look on as the awards are presented | PA Images


The newly crowned 'King and Queen of the Redheads', Alan O'Neill and Emma Ní Chearúil, with driver Denis Cronin | PA Images

The winner of the 'Furthest Travelled Redhead' award, Hannah Joseph, from Melbourne (right), takes part in céilí dancing | PA Images

Laoise Donovan (left) and Ruby Parker share a joke | PA Images

A young girl says hello to Cooper the dog | PA Images

Claire O'Connor, from Offaly, (left) and Shirley Doyle, from Laois, enjoy the sun | PA Images

T-shirts for sale at the Irish Redhead Convention | PA Images


The winner of the 'Bonney Baby' award, Charlie Twomey, 15 months, with mother Vourneen | PA Images

A freshly sheered sheep joins in on the action | PA Images

Molly Murphy, winner of the 'Porcelain Skin Redhead' title | PA Images

Emma Ní Chearúil and Alan O' Neill celebrate their wins | PA Images