The QWERTY keyboard phone is (sort of) back

For those who miss the full keyboard in the touch-screen age

The iPhone arrived back in 2007 and changed everything. Touchscreen and app-based technology became the norm. This had a knock-on effect on consumer technology, businesses, and the humble QWERTY keyboard. 

A number of companies, predominantly BlackBerry and Nokia had championed the QWERTY keyboard design, aimed at business users. As the smartphone market continued to expand, however, the demand for keyboards plummeted. It was thought the QWERTY keyboard phones were things of the past. 

That was, until now.

This is a Keyboard Mod built for the Moto Z line of phones. An Indiegogo campaign was launched a number of months ago to fund this cover / keyboard. 

The deadline for the crowd-funding will expire in a number of days, and the inventors have made a plea to potential investors. 

"It would be a shame for this product to not make its mark, and we would love for any and all support you guys can provide. Help spread the word - tell your friends, post about it online, and share our IndieGoGo link where we can help grow support. This is a community effort!"

The price to back the project and receive a Keyboard Mod is $60.