The National Ploughing Championships provides the ideal ground for recruiters

eir and other companies recognise that the National Ploughing Championships is a great place to engage with potential employees

With such a large attendance at Ploughing, eir and other organisations use the National Ploughing Championships as a way of engaging with potential employees. One area where eir differs from others is in bringing back traditional apprenticeships.

Earlier this year, eir announced the recruitment of an additional 50 apprentices for work commencing this summer for a two year training programme.

The roles are located in various counties across Ireland, which is why events like the National Ploughing Championships are so important as they give companies the chance to see talent from all over the country.

The apprenticeship programme combines a structured programme of on-the-job training, coaching and formal classroom time leading to a Level 6 FETAC Telecommunications Access Networks Technology Major Award.

Planning has already commenced for next year's intake with a new programme due to commence in 2017. Applications will be open from January 1st until March 20th, 2017.

In 2015 and 2016, the programmes had intakes of 60 in Leinster (46 from outside Dublin), 23 in Munster, 25 in Connacht and 12 in the three counties participating from Ulster.  

In terms of the graduate programme, there has been approximately 75 roles in previous years. The graduate programme lasts for two years in total, and applicants can choose from three streams - finance, technology and general business. 

Anyone who wishes to apply for the graduate programme can apply now until October 31st for the September 2017 intake. 

Speaking to Newstalk, eir's Chief Human Resource Officer Orla Coughlan said: "I am delighted to be launching the 2017 apprentice recruitment programme at the Ploughing Championships.

Our apprentice programme is very focused on fibre roll-out and the national broadband plan."

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