The Irish Stock Exchange wants to make more firms 'IPO Ready'

14 companies have been listed since 2013 - they've raised €3.5bn between them

The Irish Stock Exchange wants to make more firms 'IPO Ready'

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The Irish Stock Exchange has announced details of its latest IPO-Ready Programme, aimed at the next wave of Irish companies who may be suited to a stock market listing or IPO, within the next five years.

Aileen O’Donoghue, Strategy Director with the Irish Stock Exchange, joined Vincent Wall on Breakfast Business to discuss the programme.

She outlined some of its aims: "What IPO ready will do is give participants a really good insight into how to raise strategic finance and understanding what the best mix of finance is for them."

This includes, "Meeting with investors developing their investor pitch - understanding the expectation of investors, and getting a really good understanding as to how to manage those investor relations, whether they be venture capital, private equity, or going to the public market."

It will work with a small number of companies with high growth potential who have annual revenues between €5m and €10m.

The programme costs €17,500 and takes place over 15 months. Two executives from each firm are required to take part.

It is taught by practitioners with proven track records, the last course included input from senior executives at Ryanair and the Kerry Group. 

Of the 9 firms who graduated from the last programme, none have opted for a public offering yet. Ms O’Donoghue says that the focus of the course is to work towards an IPO during a 3-5 year period.

She added that between these companies they have created 600 jobs and sourced €130m in new funding.

When asked about the concerns of companies who fear that going public will dilute their control over their firms, Ms O’Donoghue said, "That is less of an issue than people [may] think" - and added that it can be less disruptive than having one of two key investors on your board.

The programme is supported by Enterprise Ireland and the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund.

Since 2013, 14 new companies have been listed on the Irish Stock Exchange, between them they have raised €3.5bn.