The AA unveils device to predict car breakdowns before they happen

The group has been trialling the Car Genie since April 2016

Technology is entering the world of motoring in different ways. From flashy dashboards to autonomous cars, there is an incredible amount of technology in this field. The AA has just launched a new device that sounds like a dream for drivers. 

Car Genie is a device that can be plugged into a car's on-board diagnostics port. This gives it access to the vehicle's European On-Board Diagnostics system in real-time, which can be broadcast to the Car Genie app for users to see. The idea is that this will anticipate a breakdown before it happens. 

The AA has been trialling this device since April 2016 and say it will anticipate up to one-third of breakdowns. 

“What we’ve been doing is analysing the fault codes that come from the device and the breakdowns that the connected members have had,” said Gareth Adams, AA’s connected car manager. “Of the people who broke down, was there a corresponding fault code to that breakdown."

“In about 38% of cases, we could see that there was a fault code directly related to that breakdown. In the event of a battery breakdown though, a battery alert could appear between one day and a couple of months before the breakdown event.”

The Car Genie can detect issues such as a degrading battery, ignition coil issues and failing exhaust gas recirculation. The app then tells users to sort the issue. 

Car Genie is launching exclusively to AA members at £29 and will launch in the UK on May 1st. We are waiting to hear when the device will arrive in Ireland.