Tesco recalls Irish butter over contamination fears

Roast garlic and herb butter log is being removed after ow level Listeria was found at Westmeath factory

Tesco Ireland has recalled a butter product over fears it could be contaminated with a bug that could cause food poisoning.

A number of products have been recalled in the UK, but here, the 100g Tesco roast garlic and herb butter log is the only one being removed from shelves.

Tesco Ireland says low level Listeria contamination was discovered at the factory in Westmeath, where the butter is made.

The retailer says there is no evidence to suggest the products have been contaminated, but they have been recalled as a precautionary measure.

Anyone who has bought the butter is being asked to return it, in exchange for a full refund.

Management at the factory in Westmeath says it is carrying out checks and taking all health and safety precautions.