Tennis balls and water pistols are banned from the Republican convention, guns are fine

A total of 72 different items, including mattresses and lightbulbs, are on the list of contraband

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Balloons wait to be hoisted into the rafters of the Quicken Loans Arena as work continues in preparation for the upcoming Republican National Convention in downtown Cleveland, Ohio [AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar]

Ahead of next week’s Republican Party national convention in Cleveland, Ohio, event organisers have released a list of all the things banned from the 4.4 square-kilometre event zone surrounding the Quicken Loans Arena. A total of 72 types of weapons, including tennis balls and lightbulbs, have been banned. Guns, however, are perfectly fine.

Given that the state of Ohio has open carry laws governing the use of firearms, Cleveland officials say their hands are tied. Gun owners with a licence are legally permitted to carry their guns around the external security perimeter.

According to CNN, as well as air rifles and pellet guns, the list of forbidden objects includes: pieces of lumber, fireworks, sound amplification equipment, drones, ornaments, tents, canned goods, hammocks, and ladders.

“Our intent is to follow the law. And if the law says you have open carry, that’s what it says. Whether I agree with it or not is another issue,” said Frank Jackson, Cleveland’s mayor, at a press conference.

“There are certain things that go along with open carry that that person has to do,” said Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams. “You can’t menace people, you can’t brandish your weapon.”

While state law means the firearms can be brought to the convention, US federal law does allow the US Secret Service to instigate a small ‘secure zone’ within the convention complex, where weapons of any kind will be expressly forbidden. This zone will include the arena in which Republican delegates from across all 50 states and Puerto Rico will gather to nominate Donald Trump as the party’s candidate for the presidential elections.

The controversial convention has already garnered headlines after a trans rights group revealed it had paid for Fox News to broadcast a 60-second advert during Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

The full list of banned items from the ‘event zone’ can be read below:

  1. Lumber larger than 2 inches in width and 1/4 of an inch thick, including supports for signs
  2. Metal, plastic, or other hard material larger than 3/4 quarters thick and 1/8 of an inch in wall thickness including pipe and tubing
  3. Air rifles
  4. Air pistols
  5. Paintball guns
  6. Blasting caps
  7. Switchblade knives
  8. Automatic knives
  9. Knives having a blade 2.5 inches in length or longer
  10. Cestuses
  11. Billy clubs
  12. Blackjacks
  13. Swords
  14. Sabers
  15. Hatchets
  16. Axes
  17. Slingshots
  18. BB guns
  19. Pellet guns
  20. Wrist shots
  21. Metal knuckles
  22. Nun chucks
  23. Mace
  24. Iron buckles
  25. Axe handles
  26. Shovels
  27. Fireworks
  28. Rockets
  29. Sound amplification equipment
  30. Drones and other unmanned aircraft systems
  31. Containers of bodily fluids
  32. Aerosol cans
  33. Pepper Spray and other chemical irritants
  34. Umbrellas with metal tips
  35. Water guns
  36. Water cannons
  37. Ropes in lengths greater than 6 feet
  38. Chains in lengths greater than 6 feet
  39. Cables in lengths greater than 6 feet
  40. Strappings in lengths greater than 6 feet
  41. Wires in lengths greater than 6 feet
  42. Strings in lengths greater than 6 feet
  43. Lines in lengths greater than 6 feet
  44. Tapes in lengths greater than 6 feet
  45. Glass bottles
  46. Ornaments
  47. Light bulbs
  48. Ceramic vessels
  49. Padlocks
  50. Bicycle locking devices
  51. Chain locks
  52. Gas masks
  53. Tents
  54. Sleeping bags
  55. Sleeping pads
  56. Mattresses
  57. Cots
  58. Hammocks
  59. Bivy sacks
  60. Stoves
  61. Coolers
  62. Ice chests
  63. Backpacks and bags exceeding the size of 18" x 13" x 7"
  64. Lasers
  65. Non-plastic containers, bottles, cans, or thermoses
  66. Ladders
  67. Grappling hooks
  68. Sledgehammers
  69. Hammers
  70. Crowbars
  71. Canned goods
  72. Tennis balls

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