WATCH: Ten semi-final Eurovision countries revealed

Ireland will perform 9th on Thursday night

WATCH: Ten semi-final Eurovision countries revealed

Latvia's Triana Park closed the first semi-final with their song 'Line' | Image:

The first semi-final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest has taken place in Kiev.

It saw ten countries get voted through to perform in the grand final on Saturday night.

These were: Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, Portugal, Poland and Sweden.

Sunstroke Project, representing Moldova, got through the first semi-final | Image:

Acts from 18 countries performed to fill the 10 slots.

Ireland will perform 9th in the second semi-final on Thursday, along with 17 others.

Slavko Kalezic from Montenegro performed a "braid dance" during his performance of 'Space' in the first semi-final - unfortunetly it could not get him through | Image:

This year's Irish hopes are on Galway's Brendan Murray, with 'Dying to Try'.

42 countries will compete in the final on Saturday.

Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the UK have automatically qualified.