WATCH: Teen's videos reveal glimpse of US 'House of Horrors'

The 17-year-old girl and her 12 siblings were abused and starved

WATCH: Teen's videos reveal glimpse of US 'House of Horrors'

Image: Facebook

A teenager who escaped from her parents 'House of Horrors' had a secret YouTube account, which gave a glimpse of life in the California home.

The 17-year-old girl and her 12 siblings were abused and starved by their parents David and Louise Turpin, police allege.

Some of the clips, which were played on Good Morning America, show her singing her own songs but others show the filthy home - one revealing a huge pile of dirty clothes in the corner of a room with a dirt-smeared door.

She is seen playing with the family's two dogs, who police had said were treated better than the children.

She used an alias on her YouTube account.

She also had an Instagram page under another name that featured selfies, photos of animals and images of singer Justin Bieber, ABC reported.

The most recent video on YouTube was posted a week before the teenager escaped the home by climbing through a window and alerted police.

At the time, she was praised for her courage.

The siblings, aged between two and 29, were found shackled and emaciated at the family's home in Perris on January 14th.

They were reportedly chained up for months at a time, denied toilet access and allowed to shower only twice a year.

The house at 160 Muir Woods Road in Perris is the scene where 12 people were found chained and padlocked to their beds | Image: Andrew Foulk/Zuma Press/PA Images

At the time police said that, when they found the group of 12, they were "shocked" to find seven of them were actually adults.

Officers had initially thought the 17-year-old girl was about 10-years-old.

"The victims appeared to be malnourished and very dirty," they added. Since then, the siblings have been recovering privately.

By February, lawyers for the older children told media that they were making decisions for themselves for the first time.

David Allen and Louise Anna Turpin are seen in mugshots released by police | Image: Riverside County Sheriff's Department

Mark Uffer, chief executive of Corona Regional Medical Centre, had said they had been "through a traumatic ordeal" but were "very friendly and very co-operative".

David Turpin (57) and wife Louise (49) are in custody as they wait for their next court date on March 23rd.

Both face life in prison is they are convicted of more than 40 charges, including torture and child abuse.

They deny the charges and have been banned from contacting their children.