Ted Baker goes all in on social media in its new marketing campaign

Instagram and Google will play big parts in Mission Impeccable

One of the world's top luxury brands is making social media a huge part of its new marketing campaign.

Fashion label Ted Baker has launched Mission Impeccable, a new campaign that fashions its clothes in a James Bond style. The main feature of the campaign is a film directed by Guy Ritchie which lets you click the clothes the actors are wearing and purchase them.

The designer is also making big use of its social media channels during the campaign. It will be sharing images, which they call "classified documents", on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook which customers can decode and take part in an online scavenger hunt.

Google is also playing a big part in the campaign. If you read a phrase that will be printed on the windows of Ted Baker stores to your Google Voice app, you will get clues that can lead to in store prizes.

The phrase though will be cleverly geofenced and chronofenced, meaning it'll only work when you are at the store and during opening hours.

The fashion industry has always played well with the tech industry, specifically around social media, but Google has always lagged behind a little. Now, with such a deep and blatant integration with Ted Baker and with new features coming to search results soon to make it easier for you to buy clothing online, expect Google to become a big player in the online fashion world.

You can see more on: www.tedbaker.com