Taoiseach says trade will be top of agenda at meeting with Donald Trump

Leo Varadkar will visit the White House later today

Taoiseach says trade will be top of agenda at meeting with Donald Trump

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar speaking at the American Ireland Gala Fund dinner in Washington DC. Picture by: Niall Carson/PA Wire/PA Images

Trade is top of the Taoiseach's agenda for his meeting with Donald Trump later.

Leo Varadkar is visiting the White House today for a meeting with the US President.

Migration and the undocumented Irish in America are also on the agenda.

However, Leo Varadkar says dealing with a potential trade war between the EU and US is the priority,

He explained: "The way these meetings work - when it's two heads of governments meeting, or two ministers meeting - you have around 40 minutes. You have all the things that you really want to cover, and afterwards you always get asked 'did you mention this, did you raise that'... you can't cover everything.

"Very high on that list is going to be trade, and the risk of a drift in relationships between America and the European Union."

The Taoiseach has said he does not plan to raise the issue of Russia, but may bring up LGBT rights.

Mr Varadkar also confirmed yesterday that he plans to re-extend the invitation for Donald Trump to visit Ireland.

The Taoiseach will first travel to the White House for a bilateral meeting, before returning later in the evening for the traditional shamrock bowl ceremony.

Additional reporting by Stephen McNeice