Syria solidarity protest takes place in Dublin as violence continues to spiral

Demonstrators gather outside GPO with signs saying 'Save Aleppo' and 'Stop the Bombs'

Syria solidarity protest takes place in Dublin as violence continues to spiral

Photo: Amy Molloy

A demonstration to highlight the ongoing conflict in Syria is taking place in Dublin.

Members of the Irish Syria Solidarity Movement have gathered outside the GPO to call for an end to ongoing airstrikes on Aleppo.

It follows the reported bombing of the largest hospital in the rebel-held eastern area of the city this morning.

At least two barrel bombs hit the M10 hospital, an organisation that supports it said.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict, said at least one person died.

The raid came three days after the facility was one of two struck by a heavy bombardment which left them badly damaged - an attack that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described as a war crime.

Earlier this week, the White Helmets emergency response group said more than 1,000 people had been killed in airstrikes on east Aleppo over the course of eight days.

People gathered at this afternoon's protest in Dublin held signs saying 'Save Aleppo' and 'Stop the Bombs'.

One of the demonstrators, a Syrian man named Mohammad, described the attention now being paid to events in Syria as "long overdue".

"At last, on the television, we’re seeing what’s happening in Syria. It’s been hidden for so long," he told Newstalk.

Mohammad also criticised the Syrian government, pointing to the number of civilians thought to have been killed by regime forces.

"There are no lengths the Assad regime will stop at to get its way. It will flatten Aleppo if it can, unless we do something about it."

Mohammad added that it was important to "give a voice" to those affected by the conflict.

"A lot of people in Syria are asking for our solidarity. That’s the core of our group," he said.

"They've been asking people to stand up on their behalf for a long time and it hasn't happened."