Suspected handgun and ammunition discovered in Derry

Officers investigating dissident republican activity began a search this morning

Suspected handgun and ammunition discovered in Derry


A suspected handgun and ammunition have been discovered in a hide in Derry.

The discovery was made during a search in the Southway area of the city.

The search came as part of investigations by the PSNI into dissident republican activity. 

Superintendent Gordon McCalmont confirmed that a suspected handgun, ammunition and other component parts were found.

He said: "These have all now been removed for further examination. Items such as these are lethal and were clearly going to be used to inflict serious harm and fear in this community.

“Whoever is responsible for burying these munitions does not care that these could have been discovered by a member of the public; nor do they care that these are intended to cause serious harm to a victim in the future."

He added that police are "continually working to disrupt the work of all paramilitaries".