Superman found another weakness, aside from Kryptonite, at Huawei launch

Actor Henry Cavill was in London yesterday to officially launch the Huawei P9

Journalists from all over the world packed into a busy event hall in London yesterday afternoon to witness the unveiling of the Huawei P9 phone. Attendees were promised an exciting product and a "super" special guest.

While the majority of those in the room were excited about the tech, there were those who came along for a bit of celeb spotting, and they weren't left disappointed. Brand ambassador Henry Cavill was in attendance and the crowds were shown a trailer staring the Superman actor and Scarlett Johansson. Cavill’s input was somewhat cringey though as the teleprompter froze and so too did Superman.

The actor stood up to address the crowd, reading from an incredibly low teleprompter which froze after the first line. Cavill asked for the crowed to "please hold" whilst it caught up. This happened a few times and left the crowd cringing quite a bit. 


Tech fans were impressed with what the Chinese manufacturer had to offer. The P9 promises to give consumers the best smartphone photography experience with technology hardware and software from both Lecia and Huawei working together. From an optical lens and sensors, to image processing algorithms, this device packs a powerful punch when it comes to capturing images.

Lecia are legends in the world of photography. The P9 has a dual camera design which helps with the precision and attention to detail. The RGB camera specialises in capturing colour while the monochrome camera picks up the detail.  Quite a bit of the presentation focused on the camera quality and it is stunning.

The look of a phone is quite important and this truly is a premium device. Huawei have prodcued a phone that is thinner than any of its competitors but there’s also no wastage here – the screen goes right to the edge of the device. 

There’s a fingerprint scanner on the back which works remarkably well. It feels incredibly natural to use.

Many of us use our smartphones for streaming movies and videos now and Huawei are catering for that with brilliant stereo speakers at either end of the device.

Behind the 5.2-inch screen is a 2.5GHz processor and there’s a 3,000mAh battery too. An awesome feature for heavy users like myself is the fast charging capability. 10 minutes of charge time gives 5 hours of call time.

The company also launched a larger version of the phone called the P9 Plus which is a 5.5-inch screen. It has a 3,400mAh battery to ensure it will get users through a full day. 

Both devices will be available from April 16th. Pricing info is as follows: P9 3GB + 32GB = €599, P9 4GB + 64GB