Students encouraged to "eat well, exercise and get plenty of rest" ahead of State exams

More than 120,000 pupils will be sitting their Junior and Leaving Cert exams from tomorrow

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There is less than 24 hours to go before the start of this summer's State exams.

More than 120,000 pupils will begin their Leaving and Junior Certificate exams tomorrow.

Students will be sitting their first English papers from 9.30am tomorrow morning. There are exams scheduled until June 24th.

Students across the country are being advised to use the day to plan ahead, rest and to stay calm.

Betty McLoughlin, President of the Irish Institute of Guidance Counselors, told Newstalk Breakfast that "a warm bath and early to bed" would be advised for exam students tonight.

"Today is a good day for students who are starting out tomorrow to have their timetable in a prominent place - in the kitchen preferably. Check the days, the commencement of each exam they're undertaking [and] make sure they have all the appropriate materials for each exam," Betty said.

She explained that exercise is 'extremely important' in order for students to take a break and feel reinvigorated.

"I'm definitely not a fan of cramming at this stage," she added. "I feel this is not the time for learning new stuff at all. At this time they should be revising what they know".

ASTI President Máire Ní Chiarba has wished students luck ahead of the exams, saying they should look after themselves over the next few weeks.

She said: "Remember you are not alone as you have the full support of your teachers, schools and families. The most important thing now is to stay calm and focused during the exam period. It’s normal to feel some level of anxiety.

"Try to keep things in perspective. You are sitting exams; that is all they are. Exams are very much part of going through life but they do not represent your value as a human being".

She added that Irish State exams are carried out in an "independent, fair and completely transparent" way.