Stories you might have missed from the weekend

Irish man released in Iraq, medical cards and the future of JobBridge

After a busy weekend of news and sport, here's what you need to know this Monday morning. 

Irishman Joshua Molloy has been released by forces in Iraq.

The 24-year-old, who had been fighting against the Islamic State group in Syria, was detained last week for allegedly crossing the Iraqi border.

Community Pharmacists are welcoming the fact that women on medical cards will be able to get emergency contraception for free from their pharmacist.

This development represents a departure from the old system, which required women with medical cards to obtain a prescription from their GP. The alternative to that was to pay for the bill themselves. 

There have been calls for the dissolution of JobBridge, following reports of 'abuse and exploitation' of the internship programme.

The JobBridge scheme was introduced in 2011, and offers interns 6 month or 9 month placements while allowing them to retain their social welfare entitlements. They are also paid an additional €52.50 a week.

US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has joined the battle over Britain's EU future by throwing her support behind the campaign to remain in the European Union.

Her intervention came a day after President Barack Obama bluntly told the UK it should remain in the EU to preserve its remaining global clout.

An original copy of the Irish Proclamation has sold for €150,000 at an auction in Dublin this weekend.

This rare copy of the document is believed to have hung in the GPO during the 1916 Rising and is among the several hundred items sold at an auction in the Gresham Hotel today.

A coral reef  system measuring a distance of 9,300 sq km, has been found beneath the muddy waters off the mouth of the river Amazon. 

The existence of the reef, which ranges from about 30-120m deep, was not suspected because many of the world’s great rivers produce major gaps in reef systems where no corals grow.