Stealth job-hunting now a thing on LinkedIn

A new feature will get you to recruiters without letting your boss know...

HBO comedy Silicon Valley has inspired LinkedIn to make it easier for users to look for a job – in secret.

Whereas previously those looking for a fresh opportunity would have to say exactly that on their public page in the hope of luring recruiters, there's a new feature that makes it an altogether more subtle process.

Business Insider reports that once the "Open Candidates" feature is enabled through your preferences, you'll show up in recruiters' LinkedIn searches, though your profile will not signal that you're in the market for a new role. You can also select what kind of opportunities you're after.

The company was inspired to take action by a Silicon Valley scene, of all things.

It explains in a blog post:

"There was a great joke made on the HBO series Silicon Valley where one of the main characters signaled on LinkedIn that he wanted to leave the fictional startup. Within seconds, he was hearing from recruiters. This is exactly the experience we want each and every one of our members to have."

Have a gander yourself...