Stardust families call for fresh inquest into tragic fire

The Attorney General has been informed of the family's intention to apply for a fresh investigation

Stardust families call for fresh inquest into tragic fire

Stardust families pictured with politicians and solicitor Darragh Mackin outside Buswells Hotel, 13-04-2018. Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews

The families of the 48 young people who died in the Stardust tragedy are calling for a new inquest into their deaths.

The blaze at the nightclub in Dublin's Artane on Valentine's night in 1981 remains the worst fire disaster in the history of the state.

Relatives have said they are looking at all options to have new evidence considered.

The families' solicitor Darragh Mackin told a press conference in Dublin yesterday that the Attorney General has been formally notified of the families’ intention to apply for a fresh inquest.

Mr Mackin said he aimed to go down a similar route to that taken by the families of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster in the UK.

Solicitor Darragh Mackin pictured at Buswells as stardust families call for a fresh inquest into the fire, 13-04-2018. Image: Sam Boal/RollingNews

"Change of approach"

Sinn Fein MEP Lynn Boylan says the families have been battling for answers ever that tragic night 37 years ago.

“This is a significant change in the approach that the relatives and families of the Stardust victims of Stardust are taking,” she said.

“It is on the basis of legal advice they have received from Darragh Mackin, who has now come on board as their legal representative, calling for a new inquest.

“Part of the reason is because we have had two reviews and an inquiry and they have all, sort of, left it open-ended without answering the questions that the family [want answered].”

Mr Mackin said it is a “matter of grave concern” that the original Stardust inquests were held without access to information that he said has since come to light.