Sinn Féin accuse coalition parties of reneging on 2011 election promises

Mary Lou McDonald also accused the Government of pressuring young people to emigrate

Sinn Féin accuse coalition parties of reneging on 2011 election promises

inn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald at a press conference in Dublin | Image: Brian Lawless / PA Archive/Press Association Images

Sinn Féin says Fine Gael and Labour have reneged on their 2011 election promises.

It comes as the Taoiseach said Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin would cause economic chaos if elected to Government.

Speaking during his campaign in County Carlow today, Enda Kenny highlighted the rise in Portugal's borrowing costs after what he described as a Government of "socialists and communists" was elected there.

Deputy leader of Sinn Fein Mary Lou McDonald, says Fine Gael and Labour have caused economic chaos for people due a lack of investment in public services:

McDonald also criticised the coalition's treatment of young people, saying Labour and Fine Gael were just short of packing their bags and driving them to the airport to emigrate.

Sinn Féin this morning launched its Charter for Younger People, which aims to attract expats back to Ireland.

McDonald says only a Sinn Féin led government could break away from the past of boom, burst and emigration.

She says they want to rebuild an Ireland for the return of young people:

Sinn Féin have continued to build momentum ahead of polling day on Friday February 26th. A poll released this evening put them up three points, just eight off Fine Gael.