Sinn Féin TD confirms he was interviewed in 2013 over Brian Stack's murder

Party leader Gerry Adams delivered a speech on the matter to the Dáil

Sinn Féin TD confirms he was interviewed in 2013 over Brian Stack's murder

Martin Ferris talking to the media on the plinth at Leinster House | Image:

A Sinn Féin TD has confirmed he was interviewed by gardaí in 2013 about the killing of prison officer Brian Stack in 1983.

Kerry TD Martin Ferris made the brief statement after being named under privilege in the Dáil by a Fine Gael backbencher.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has made a personal statement in the Dáil insisting Brian Stack's son Austin had "changed his story".

Mr Adams says the names he gave to the Garda Commissioner in connection with the murder were passed on by the victim's son - something Austin Stack has denied.

Deputy Adams was yesterday challenged by the Taoiseach to make the statement, after claims Deputy Adams had helped the victim's family to make contact with an IRA official who oversaw an internal investigation.

During his 10 minute speech, Mr Adams said he never named anyone as a suspect in the e-mail sent to the Garda Comissioner.

"To remove any uncertainty or ambiguity, I e-mailed the Garda Commissioner the names that Austin Stack had given me in which he said had come from garda and journalistic sources.

"I never at any time described those names as suspects.

"I made it clear to the Garda Commissioner that I have no information on the death of Brian Stack."

Mr Adams was also critical of how this e-mail was now in the public domain, as well as refuting some of what has been reported about the contents.

When Mr Adams finished his statement, Deputy Farrell raised what he called a point of order - and under privilege put the names of two sitting Sinn Féin TDs in the public domain.

He requested that "Deputies Ellis and Ferris be given the oppotunity to address this House".

One of those named, Deputy Ellis, says he could not have been involved.

"I was actually in jail for the period in Portlaoise , and before that in America. So you should check your facts", Mr Ellis said.

And then deputy Martin Ferris said that in 2013 he met gardaí at their request in 2013 regarding the killing, he co-operated and had nothing to answer for.

However his microphone was not switched on in the chamber.

"I told him he was liar"

Meanwhile, Brian Stack's son Austin says he met Gerry Adams after the Dáil statements and told the Sinn Féin president he was "a liar".

"I subsequently met Deputy Adams myself, my borther Oliver - we met him in the corridor afterwards - and we quite clearly told Deputy Adams what we thought of him".

"I told him he was liar - he wasn't best pleased.

"He said 'please stop, please stop' - and then Oliver said the same thing to him.

"We reiterated: I told him he told untruth and lies in the Dáil chamber".

Speaking on Newstalk Drive, Mr Stack stood by his version of events.