Silver lining: Today is a great day to shop online

Now is the time to make that online purchase you have been contemplating

As we all get to grips with the reality of the Brexit vote, it's worth noting that there is a silver lining for us, in the midst of all the questions. Today is a great day to shop online. 

If you've been contemplating an online purchase for a while, now is the time to buy it. The value of the pound dropped an historic amount today, which will see us get more for our money in online transactions. Some online retailers, such as Asos, have gone offline as they wait for things to even out.

It's business as usual for others, though. Here's some good deals to snap up, if you're so inclined. 

Veho DS1

I reviewed this charger not so long ago. It's an ideal desk buddy and worth every cent.

€24.72 / £19.99 (a saving of £1 since Wednesday)

Nespresso Inissia

Those who like an Americano in morning should check out this machine from Nespresso. 

€86.51 / £69.95 (a saving of €5 since Wednesday)

Sonos Play 1 

This speaker is one of my favourite devices. This pairs to any device via Bluetooth and produces extraordinary sound. It's a must-have for music lovers. 

€201 / €163.10 (a saving of £11 since Wednesday)