Should teens be banned from playgrounds?

Laura Erskine from says younger children are intimidated by older kids using the facilities

Should teens be banned from playgrounds?

File photo: Playground Image: Wiki Commons

Cork County Council is considering banning children over the age of 12 from using its playground equipment.

Councillors are considering the move as part of a review of playground bylaws established in 2013.

The new regulations would not apply to children who are physically or intellectually disabled.

It is argued the equipment is designed for kids up to the age of 12 and older children have effectively outgrown them.

Those in favour of the proposals have argued that teenagers over the age of 12 have generally “advanced to more personally challenging and socially interactive activities.”

They say research shows that the needs of 12 to 14-year-olds are met through the provision of skate parks and multi-use play areas.


On Lunchtime Live this morning, Laura Erskine from said many younger children are intimidated by older kids using the facilities.

“Certainly we get feedback all the time from our mums saying that, yes, teens are intimidating in the playgrounds,” she said.

“They are preventing their young children from using the equipment.

“I have been that mum. I have approached the teens on the swings and asked them to get off to let my little girl have a go.”


She said alternative facilities must be provided for teens if they are banned from playgrounds.

“I think a lot of our mums would actually support the decision from Cork County Council,” she said.

“The difficulty is; where do the teens go?

“That is the bigger question really; I think in banning children over the age of 12 we need to provide something else for them within the community.

“Resources that are more suitable for their height; for their weight; for their interests and for their development.”

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