Should large dogs be banned from public places?

It's been suggested that regulations for dog owners are not being enforced

Should large dogs be banned from public places?

Labrador Teeko at the service for Peata Therapy Dogs at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin | Image:

It is an offence to bring a German Shepherd out in public when it is not wearing a muzzle.

The regulations surrounding man's best friend may not be as strict as they should be - should the Government look at implementing new policies?

Ian O’Doherty, columnist with The Irish Independent and The Irish Daily Star, said it's "about time" that the public started paying attention to enforcement of dog laws.

"We shouldn't need a law to force people to pick up after themselves, but we do," he said, adding that dog walkers are often the biggest victims when it comes to stepping in dog feces.

Brenda Power, columnist with The Irish Daily Mail and The Sunday Times said there is too much reliance placed on owners when it comes to bringing dogs out.

"When I see a dog in a muzzle, I think, 'That dog should not be in public' - I have to rely on you as perhaps a not particularly careful owner to ensure that the muzzle is properly secured, that the lead is properly secured.

"Frankly, I do not want to have to go through that concern on a street."

O'Doherty added: "Just because you love dogs doesn't mean everyone else does. You have to show respect for people who are very wary of animals."