Should employees be allowed to bring their dog to work?

'Bring Your Dog To Work Day' takes place next week

Next Friday, June 23rd, is 'Bring Your Dog To Work Day' in the UK and the US.

The day aims to highlight the benefits of having dogs in the workplace, and asks why the practice isn't more common.

The day generally isn't marked in Ireland - which begs the question, should it be?

"Nearly all dogs are very easy and gentle," Pete Wedderburn, aka Pete the Vet, told The Pat Kenny Show. "People shouldn't be afraid of them.

"I think, some people, once they've had one bad experience, they're afraid, and dogs can pick up on that fear and make it worse."


Currently, international companies that allow dogs in the workplace included Google, Mars Petcare and Ben & Jerry's.

Pete points to research which contradicts the perception that dogs in the workplace reduces productivity and causes disruption.

"If people take their dogs to work, it increases their motivation, it reduces their stress, it increases people's confidence and it increases people's social interactions with people," he said.

However, he said workplaces thinking about implementing the dog-friendly policy also need to be mindful of employees who don't like dogs. Such measures would include drawing up dog-free zones.

'Bring Your Dog To Work Day' takes place on June 23rd.