Shortage of TDs leads to delay in Dáil business

Only 15 of the required 20 deputies were present for half an hour earlier today

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The Ceann Comhairle has hit out at tardy TDs - after Dáil business was delayed because not enough deputies were present.

Today's business was due to begin at 10.30am. However, it did not get underway until 11.10am, as there were too few members in the chamber.

Dáil rules require a minimum of 20 TDs to be present before business can start - but for half an hour, only 15 were present.

When business did finally get underway, Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl was critical of the delay.

"I think some people need to be aware of the responsibilities that they have in order to be here in the chamber when legislation is to be discussed and debated," he said.

"I would say to those who look for more time to discuss legislation to be conscious that, when the time is provided, there is a responsibility on those people to be present," he added.