7 things to do this weekend that have nothing to do with football

If you'd like to skip the Irish match or escape from your Brexit sorrows, we've got you covered

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Image: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

Apparently, there's some sort of football match this weekend.

In the biggest news for Europe since Brexit, Ireland will play a second round Euros match in France. 99.9% of you will probably be watching it. For the other 0.1%, you might be looking for something else to do.

Of course, there's also Saturday to take care of if you fancy a break from all those scary news stories. Yes, there are non-football things happening this weekend. Here's some of them.

Cower under your covers, prepare for impending apocalypse

Britain voted to leave the European Union, the economy is in chaos, and you're not at Glastonbury - feel free to spend a few hours moping accordingly.

Check out a concert

It has been overshadowed by a certain vote, but the Glastonbury festival has properly gotten underway in the UK today. 

Thankfully, there's a few great gigs for Irish revellers to enjoy too. The Sea Sessions are underway in Donegal; Dublin's Interlude Festival has an impressive line-up; Sigur Ros and James Vincent McMorrow are at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham; The Coronas play the Marquee in Cork; Rod Stewart's in Kilkenny... There's much more too

Or you could always stay in and check out the BBC's reliably excellent Glastonbury coverage - where you can appreciate the music with none of the mud.

Celebrate Pride

There ain't no party like a Pride party - and there will be one hell of a celebration in Dublin city tomorrow for the annual Pride parade.

There's more than the parade, of course. With breakfast & brunches planned, a special Pride Village in Merrion Square and no shortage of after-parties, there'll plenty happening from early in the morning to, well, early the following morning. Full details here.

Go for a run

Image: RollingNews.ie

Hopefully the weather will hold-up for those of you who hoping to get a few kilometres in over the weekend.

If you're mood for some more organised running, the Rainbow Run is happening in Dun Laoghaire tomorrow. With events for kids and adults alike, there'll be plenty of colourful (literally) scenes in south Dublin tomorrow.

Head to the cinema

Independence Day: Resurgance's title may have some gained some unintended relevance in Europe today, but it's still just that silly alien invasion sequel. The more interesting new release of the week is Remainder - an adaptation of Tom McCarthy's acclaimed novel.

The story follows an unnamed man who receives millions of pounds in compensation after a mysterious accident. He becomes obsessed with recreating moments from his past, spending his new found fortune on a series of surreal re-anactments. The novel is a gem of modern literature, and the reviews suggest the film expertly captures the book's tone and theme.

Do some online shopping

One of the brightsides of Brexit and its subsequent effect on the sterling - favourable exchange rates! With the sterling at a 30-year low, you could definitely pick up some decent bargains.

Video game fans should also check in on the Steam summer sale. The digital marketplace's seasonal sales are the stuff of legend, and you can pick up all manner of new and classic game at massively discounted rates.

Eat some delicious food

You can probably decide for yourself what kind of treats you're in the mood for this weekend. But if you'd like a bit of choice, get yourself to Dunmore East or Westport where there are dedicated food festivals being held this weekend.