Settlements worth more than €16m made with Revenue in last three months of 2015

Two cases resulted in payments of more than €1 million

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Tax settlements worth more than €16 million were made with Revenue in the last three months of 2015.

A list of more than 100 defaulters has been published today.

Two of the cases resulted in payments of more than €1 million being made to the taxman.

Four settlements exceeded half a million euro, and 46 of them were for amounts of more than €100,000.

The figures released today include tax, interest and penalties.

You can access the full list of defaulters here.

Settlements are calculated under two categories of default - deliberate behaviour or careless behaviour (which "involves lack of due care").

However, Revenue says that "penalties are not charged where a tax default was not deliberate, or was not attributable in any way to the failure by a taxpayer to take reasonable care to comply with his or her tax obligations".