Seagull dyed orange after plunging into container of curry

Bird took the plunge while scavenging for food at a factory in Wales

Vale Wildlife Hospital, curry, seagull

Image: Vale Wildlife Hospital

A seabird has been dubbed “Korma the gull” after falling into a vat of chicken curry.

The seagull was dyed bright orange after taking the plunge while scavenging for food at a factory in Wales.

The bird was eventually pulled out of the container by rescuers and taken away for a wash.

Its greasy coat was cleaned up and brought back to its original white shade by staff at the Vale Wildlife Hospital in Gloucestershire.

Veterinary nurse Lucy Kells told Wales Online that the bird could have drowned in the vat, because the sauce was "too thick and gloopy".

She said on Facebook that it was "probably trying to pinch some curry" when it fell in.

"Anyone fancy a curry? This poor chap did," she wrote. 

“Sadly he was enjoying it so much he fell in! I don't think any of us have experienced such an orange greasy gull to deal with before ... but boy did he smell good!

“We've cleaned him up and he is doing well, with no upset tummy! Hopefully he'll stick to a much more bland diet in the future!”