Scientology advert features images resembling Trinity College's Long Room

The advert was aired last night during the Superbowl

via Wikipedia

via Wikipedia

During last night's Superbowl, an advertisement ran for the Scientology group, and one of the images make look familiar.

At the nine-second mark in the trailer (below), there is a split second image of a blue-hewed room that strongly resembles the Long Room in Trinity College's Old Library (above).

Speaking to, a college spokeswoman stated: "The image used in the advertisement for the Church of Scientology bears a strong resemblance to the 18th century library. No permission was granted by Trinity College Dublin for its usage and it does not endorse it in this form of promotion. Contact is being made with the Church of Scientology on the matter.”

This is not the first time that the Long Room image was potentially used without prior consent, as the 2002 movie Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones set a scene in the Jedi Archives that also looked very similar in it's layout.

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