Scientists invent algorithm that predicts who will die next in "Game Of Thrones"

They've come up with some very surprising results...

This Sunday sees the much anticipated return of Game Of Thrones as it kicks off it's sixth season.

Reading any further will be at your own peril, but the biggest question on everyone's lips is "Jon Snow - dead or alive?"

Every season of the show sees fan favourites - as well as those most hated - bite the proverbial bullet, as the writer's lay waste to characters and leave us all in the emotional fetal position.

The biggest shock is always from the unpredictability of who is going to killed off next. Ever since the show's leading character played by Sean Bean was decapitated in the first season, Game Of Thrones let us know that nobody is safe.

However, a group of clever clogs in Technical University of Munich have created a website that uses lots of math and science (which, if you're interested, you can read all about here) to predict who is going to be the next victim on GoT's chopping block.

So if you want to go into the new season without even a hint of who might be meeting an untimely - and most likely, very violent end - then stop reading now.

Still reading? Okay, here's the primary folk to die next, and the percentage of likelihood of that death:

Tommen Baratheon [97%]

That's right, Cersei and Jamie's surviving son is who is predicted to die next. Since he's currently sitting on the Throne after his brother Joffrey was poisoned, being the king puts a lot of targets on your back. If he does die, expect his parents to burn Westeros to the ground in retaliation.

Daenerys Targaryen [95%]

Yep, the mother of dragons, the Princess of House Targaryen, is REALLY high up on the list. Something in our gut tells us that their math might be off on this one, but that's only because we really, really don't want to see Daenerys die.

Davos Seaworth [91%]

Our own Liam Cunningham is a potential victim in S6, and if you've been keeping up with the trailers for the show, you already know he's gets into one or two sword-based scuffles. Considering he's been one of the few honest and properly likable characters in the show, again, we don't want to see him snuff it, but being honest and likable doesn't get you very far in Game Of Thrones.

Petyr Baelish [91%]

Littlefinger aka Aidan Gillen is also near the top of this potential Grim Reaper's to-do list, and this is something we actually can see happening sooner rather than later. He's been so insidiously involved - albeit almost entirely in the background - in all of the evil-doings in the show, his comeuppance has to come soon, right?

Theon Greyjoy [74%]

Poor Reek. He's got an even higher score than his sadistic torturer Ramsay Snow [64%], which goes to show, there's no real justice in Westeros. Here's hoping he gets some sort of redemption before it all comes to an end.

And here's who the algorithm worked out to be most likely to survive season six:

Sansa Stark [3%]

According to the website, outside of Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister, Sansa is actually the most important character in the show. Her slow-burn transformation over the five seasons to date will most erupt into something quite fantastic. We can't wait.

Jon Snow [11%]

We know what you're thinking - isn't he already dead? The folks at the website have dedicated an entire page to explaining why they think he isn't actually dead.... yet.

Cersei Lannister [16%]

After all the toil and torment she suffered in Season 5, we imagine the sixth season will be dedicated to Cersei exacting her revenge. Plus, with another of her kids looking likely to pop off this mortal coil pretty soon (see above), the Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms is most likely going to be the causer of most of the deaths.

Mace Tyrell [18%]

Not exactly a huge character on the show - he's only appeared in nine episodes so far - but the Master Of Ships and Coin on the Small Council has successfully aligned himself with the Lannister's, which should guarantee him some safety for the immediate future.

Roose Bolton [28%]

That dad of that purely evil Ramsay Snow looks relatively safe, as he'll probably provide the true (and human) antagonist to the other families for the next few seasons, seeing as how he's so successfully taking over all of the Northern lands so far.

Apparently, the algorithm has had a 74% accuracy rate in predicting character deaths in previous series, and we don't have long to wait to see how many of these predictions it gets correct.