"Saving all my love for you" - The newspaper review

Chris and Ivan discuss Yates' wedding anniversary, politics, football and toll roads

This morning's front pages are all about Thomas Slab Murphy, newly-weds Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley and coalition partners Fine Gael and Labour trying to out-election each other.

"Adams motives under scrutiny over incredible statement for tax dodger" - a lot of the papers carrying that story, that particular version of the story in The Irish Independent.

"Van Haal facing the Christmas sack", and a photograph of newly weds Frank Lampard and Christine Bleakley - all the tabloids have those photos too.

The Irish Examiner has: "School mergers to boost patron options" - that is where two schools would come together to provide a basis for non-denominational or gaelscoileanna mergers.

The Irish Times leads with: "Fine Gael to widen PRSI net to help fund new benefits".

And: "Spanish PM falls short on overall majority" their second story.

The Herald and The Irish Daily Star have a report on the stand off gardaí and the number of shots fired in Tallaght yesterday.

The Irish Daily Mirror: "Stokes death threat terror - Celtic player: I fear for my family and almost quit football".

The Sun has an awful story from Co Galway, where a boy (8) died in a farm accident over the weekend.

The Irish Daily Mail: "Minister: I will end 'voluntary contributions'" - a pledge from Jan O'Sullivan.

Inside the papers:

There will be no White Christmas - plenty of wind, rain, and some frost.

The Examiner says gardaí spotted with doughnuts in Waterford this week are actually raising money for Special Olympics Ireland.

The Irish Times says private operators of toll roads will get €48 million from the State over the next few years because there weren't as many cars on their roads as forecast.

Harrison Ford has apparently made $32 million out of the latest Star Wars film.

In The Examiner, the Zion church in Berlin held a special Star Wars themed service - about 500 extra people came to mass carrying light sabres and other props.

The Sun carries the story that Slovenia rejected a referendum making it legal for consenting adults to marry, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Ivan wanted to know if Chris had ever kissed anyone under the mistletoe - that's because 71% of under 35s have never engaged in the tradition, compared to 38% of over 35s, according to The Mirror.

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