Ryanair warn customers about online scam promising free tickets

If it looks too good to be true, very often it is...

Ryanair has urged social media users to be wary of an online scam doing the rounds. The scam offers to enter the reader into a draw for two Ryanair tickets if they complete a short survey. 
Those who complete the survey are then met with a congratulatory message and asks them to share the survey with 15 friends.   
Those with a sharp eye may have noticed some giveaways that this is indeed a scam. For example, the website associated with the survey is: ryanair.com-freechance.com. The sample ticket shows a IATA code beginning with QF. Anyone who has travelled with Ryanair in the past will know their flight code is FR. 
This is just once of the many scams that are loitering around online at the moment. Take extra care when clicking on links or giving any personal information away to someone you don't know.