Ryanair survives series of cyber attacks

"We've also had occasions where one of our centres has gone down"

Ryanair survives series of cyber attacks

Eamonn Farrell, RollingNews

In the wake of British Airway's 'IT glitch' which caused chaos for passengers earlier this week, Ryanair has been discussing its safety precautions.

"We have been the subject of attacks on our systems; we have been subject to malware," chief executive Michael O'Leary said, according to the Irish Independent.

"We've also had occasions where one of our centres has gone down," he continued.

The Irish businessman added that customers had not been affected by these incidents, "You haven't noticed it because the Disaster Recovery system is completely effective."

John Hurley, the company's chief technology officer said that the company is moving its operations to cloud systems and that its operations are spread across five centres to minimise the chance of service disruption.

Mr O'Leary commented on BA's IT problems, "I'm always very nervous saying it could never happen here, because it's inevitable that as we grow we will have some IT glitches along the way ... But we don't think we will suffer an outage the way BA suffered this weekend."

BA's outage inspired investor jitters which wiped approximately £500m off the market value of its parent company, IAG.

The airline was forced to ground flights in Heathrow and Gatwick over the weekend when a major outage caused its IT system to collapse. Roughly 75,000 travellers were affected.