Robert Durst has pleaded guilty to gun charges and may face new murder trial

The subject of the hit HBO documentary The Jinx will initially serve 85 months in jail

While viewers were being caught up in the much-lauded HBO documentary The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst, the subject of the series was getting arrested for possession of a deadly weapon.

In March 2015, Durst was arrested by the FBI when they feared he was about to flee the country, and they discovered he had a .38 caliber revolver.

Already found guilty of bond jumping and evidence tampering, and as a convicted felon, Durst is neither allowed to leave the country nor be in possession of a gun.

Earlier today, Durst pleaded guilty to possession of the weapon, and under a plea bargain arrangement he will be sentenced to 85 months in federal prison.

During this time, it is expected that Durst will be transferred to a Los Angeles prison to face murder charges of former friend, Susan Berman.

Throughout his interviews on the documentary The Jinx, the film-makers questioned Durst about the similarities of his hand-writing and the note sent to police alerting them to the location of Berman's "cadaver".

Afterwards, when by himself in the bathroom but with his mic still attached and recording, Durst talked to himself, stating “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

It is expected that the Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, who is bringing the murder trail against Durst, will reference these events from the documentary.

The death of Susan Berman is one of a number that were addressed in the documentary. Durst confessed to cutting up the body of his neighbour Morris Black, but not the murder itself, while his wife Kathleen has been missing since 1982.