Retailers cautiously optimistic about Christmas figures

There are only a few shopping days left before Christmas

Christmas shopping,

Image: People doing Christmas shopping at nightime on Henry Street Dublin.

Dublin Chamber of Commerce says retailers are feeling 'cautiously optimistic' about their sales figures ahead of Christmas.

With just seven shopping days remaining until Christmas, retailers in the capital are expecting a busy week ahead as shoppers prepare for December 25th.

However, according to Dublin Chamber of Commerce Public Affairs Manager Graeme McQueen, they also believe that some consumers may have delayed their decisions on spending this year.

McQueen stated that the fact that Christmas Day is falling on a Sunday has impacted on people's shopping decisions, and that the coming days will see the crowds coming to the city to tick everything off their lists. 

Image: Christmas shoppers carrying bags on Henry Street in Dublin today.

"Black Friday was quite early this year, so we've had quite a long build up to Christmas," McQueen said. "I think people have delayed some buying decisions so this coming week is going to be very busy.

"Saturday was a very busy day and from what we've seen so far on Sunday it's going to be another quite busy day for retailers throughout the city."