Report into Rio ticketing controversy cleared for release

Ministers have signed off to release the report by Justice Carroll Moran

Report into Rio ticketing controversy cleared for release


A report into the Olympic Council of Ireland's handling of tickets has been cleared for release, but could take up to two weeks to publish.

Ministers have signed off on the release of the report by Justice Carroll Moran, which had been delayed due to legal issues.

It is understood that former OCI president Pat Hickey had complained that the release of the report could interfere with his defence against criminal proceedings in Brazil.

The report will be published within the next fortnight, just short of the anniversary of Mr Hickey's arrest in Rio on ticket touting charges.

He was questioned by officials and spent some time in a maximum security prison.

Mr Hickey - who has denied all charges against him - was freed from prison two weeks later and put under house arrest, before returning to Ireland in December last year.

He told Newstalk Breakfast in June: "This has left a devastating effect on my family - on my wife, on my children... devastating. It's affected my own health. As a result of all this stress, I now have a heart problem, and I have had two medical procedures."

The story of Mr Hickey's arrest made international headlines - and images of his arrest at his hotel were widely published.

He argued: "There's not a doubt about it that I was absolutely humiliated and treated in a disgraceful manner on my arrest. Everyone in the world saw, the media were at the door.

"The judge of the high court of Brazil said I should never, ever have been arrested and put in prison."