Record number of Irish passports issued so far this year

More than 700,000 have been given out since January

Record number of Irish passports issued so far this year

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The Department of Foreign Affairs say a new record number of Irish passports have been issued so far this year.

More than 700,000 of the documents have been given out since January.

It says the increase has been driven by a strong underlying surge in demand.

This is partly as a result of a growth in overseas travel, and also by a spike in applications in 2006 which has fed through in increased renewals 10 years later.

A total of 635,635 applications for passports were made in the year to October, compared to 566,142 for 2015.

The total number of applications in October alone stands at 37,158.

There was also a massive spike in applications made in Northern Ireland: 59,043 were made so far this year, compared to just 46,396 last year.

That is an increase of just over 12,500 applications.

While in Britain, an extra 2,070 passport applications were made last month compared to October 2015 - a total so far this year of 58,015 applications.

This is compared with 40,728 made last year.

The department also say the outcome of the British EU referendum in June has "added to the demand."